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BigMouth Inc Coffee and a Donut USB Mug Warmer

Finally, no matter how many hours you stay on your computer, you're Caffe will always stay warm in this Coffee and a Donut USB Mug Warmer. It just costs you a USB hub!


There’s nothing worse than crafting the perfect cup of coffee, only to let it go cold because you got distracted by someone flapping their gums about their boring weekend (listen to Debbie from accounting—it’s not a phase—your husband is just plain weird, OK?). Instead, this mug warmer keeps your drink warm with your computer’s USB port! Simply plug it in, and place your ceramic mug on top. The results? A nice warm drink, ready to ship.

Product Features

  • It's a donut-shaped USB mug warmer (finally!)
  • Convenient on/off button and works with any ceramic mug
  • The BigMouth Inc Coffee and a Donut USB Mug Warmer uses just (1) USB port and is compatible with Mac, PC, Chromebooks, etc.
  • Simplify monitor purchasing, deployment, and maintenance with one large versus four independent monitors
  • Easy cable management for a more clutter-free desk with cables from only one versus four monitors.Pixel Per Inch (PPI):104
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